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Rafael Gallaher
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Rafael Gallaher This band destroys crowds live. Promising dudes from Little Rock, Arkansas. Favorite track: River of Blood.
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released December 21, 2014

E.P. Written by Hunter Deaver and Champy Gahagan.

Recorded by Simon Pettiford.



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Inrage Little Rock, Arkansas

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Track Name: River of Blood
swearing under oath
turn your back to the world you know
deceiving those who trust you
create lies to hide behind

delivering injustice
harsh blows create the ruckus
violent outburst taking lives
lead the blind in organized crime

it's just a matter of time
before you find yourself
in a river of blood you spilled

won't be a victim to the abuse
fight the power given to you
slave to none is what I chose
won't give my freedom
not to you
I won't kneel down to orders

I won't be cut down in the name of the law
fall victim to a system flawed
abuse of power
behind a badge you cower
Track Name: Inrage
a product of the world
born and left with nothing but question
seeking out truth, I find myself in solitude
born alone die alone, no god's no thrones
I find myself looking for answers
I find myself enraged

brought into life
but can't justify
wrong and right
can't answer why

people die for their beliefs
people suffer for words they speak

passing judgement on a life unlike your own
looking down upon a soul unknown

die in battle for a cause that doesn't exist
enraged against the world so I swing my fist

brought into life
but can't justify
wrong and right
can't answer why

people die for their beliefs
people suffer for words they speak
Track Name: Hollow Soul
mass murder in the name
of a god you worship a praise
religion creates war
a belief that you die for

brainwashed to believe
that there is more than what you can see
life after earth is just a hole and six feet of dirt

give praise and worship
to a god of torment
you see black and white
earth and hell are just alike

false hope all you know
your empty soul will roam

reality will ensue
hell has come for you
no one is safe
no where to run to

corruption enslaves hollow souls
mindless remain, kill at will
army of darkness in disguise
no one is safe

the innocent slayed while the wicked remain
Track Name: Time has Expired
Isolated, pushed away
locked into a fucking cage
force fed, held down
cries of hope won't help you now

consequences for your actions
deteriorate all satisfactions
a life alone your forced to lead
no where to turn when the pendulum swings

life alone
four walls you call home

time has expired for you

life alone
four walls you call home

slipping away from everything you know
slipping away from everything you love

time has expired
Track Name: Another Mistake
another day I play your fucking games
full of rage, once again betrayed
acts of deceit, I'm left to dry
I cannot close my eyes
I can't sleep at night

bloodshot across my eyes
been wrongs a thousand times
twisted and mangled
won't let this hate unfold

I can no longer sympathies
for the ones who turn there back to me
love is not an option
I have no remorse

I cannot take another mistake
forgiveness, a choice I cannot make
I've suffered all that I can take
the consequences now you must face
deceived by trust, I see the truth
blinded by love now i refute
won't let this anger I've built consume
I put my trust not in you

time and time you left me dry
now I fucking close my eyes
won't look back when your life unfolds
won't look back when I leave you fucking cold