by Inrage

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Recorded at Wolfman Studios.

Mastered by Jacob Michael Scott.

Art by Azeta Azadpour


released February 27, 2016

We would like to thank Jason at Wolfman studios, Jacob Michael Scott, Azeta Azadpour, Lockdown Records, Terminal Nation, Death Trap, Point Blank, Iron Born, LRHC, OKHC, Backroom Print Shop, Altura Graphics, and everyone who has supported us since day one!



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Inrage Little Rock, Arkansas

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Track Name: Struggle
I don't feel the light above, you talk about so much.

Darkness surrounds everything i love.

Will i live to see tomorrow there's no guarantee.

This is how it will end, another war i can't win.

[You hold a place in my head.

Alongside all the regret.

Its getting harder to trust myself.]

Plagued by the thought of it.

My patience is wearing thin.

I'll struggle with these thoughts until my life.... Ends!
Track Name: King of Nothing
I watched you prey, upon he weak.

To satisfy, your filthy needs.

Now the dirty deeds, are piling up.

The sweat and blood, will run cold.

(I watch you suffer, like a fucking disease. I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

The world you made is falling apart, you knew it wouldn't last!)

The bloods running from your finger tips, your words they don't mean shit.

The blames all yours, your time is coming.

Who are you now?

The king of nothing!

So i bid you farewell, to live a life in everlasting hell!

God of nothing, king of shit, you slave your life in a bottomless pit.
Track Name: Refuse
I don't have the power to forgive.

You make the same mistakes every day you live.

lied to everyday.

spit in my face.

You took the cowards way and you crossed the line.

But i'll be the first to show some spine.

Taking my anger to the edge

I'll refuse your lies, till death.

I won't let you put me in my place.

Fake that smile of yours, so you can save face.

Your pathetic excuses all sound the same.

Don't try to clear your worthless name.

Nothing is changing you hate what you can't be.
Track Name: Blind Eye
Your words mean nothing.

The actions haven't change.

Time will go on.

Realize what you became

Realize the monster you became.

In your own head. ( Your own hell. )

Are you the master. ( The master. )

Who is pulling the strings.

Have you lost control.

Blind eye to everyone, who tried to save you.

Your demons made you, who you are.

The you i knew never looked this way.

Fragile and weak.

The risks you take make no sense.

You need to understand the consequence.

Losing sight of reality.

You're shackled down never to be set free.

Blind eye to everyone who tried to save you.